Speaker Presentations

Thursday, May 31st

Room Centre-Ville
09:00 Tobacco pricing and affordability: A cornerstone of tobacco control

Hagen, Les
10:15 How to boil the ocean: Addressing multiple modifiable risk factors in clients who smoke

Dragonetti, Rosa
16:30 Canada's modernized and comprehensive approach to reduce tobacco-related death and disease

Van Loon, James
Room Crescent
13:00 Children's unstructured play: From policy to practice

Welsh, Frank
Room Notre-Dame/Saint-Denis
13:00 Adopting the federal government’s sex- and gender-based analysis framework in public health policy: Examples from the field

Gahagan, Jacquie
Room Sainte-Catherine
12:30 Tobacco Oral Presentation 2

Bandara, Aki Nilanga
Baskerville, Bruce
Cole, Adam
Montreuil, Annie
13:50 Tobacco Oral Presentation 4

Kasi Vishwanathan, Harsha
Kominos, Katina
Noble, Shireen
Sansone, Genevieve
15:15 Tobacco Oral Presentation 6

Ardley, Shawna
Baskerville, Bruce
Munro-Bernard, Melissa
Room Saint-Paul
12:30 Tobacco Oral Presentation 1

Cook, Matthew
Manlangit, Lorraine
Thompson-Haile, Audra
13:50 Tobacco Oral Presentation 3

Cunningham, Rob
Lapalme, Josée
Vanderlinden, Loren
15:15 Tobacco Oral Presentation 5

Hemsing, Natalie
Loeonard, Robyn
Timmings, Caitlyn
Room Van-Horne
13:00 Curing the Zombie City: Planning for healthy communities in the sprawling edges of Canadian cities

Wray, Alexander