Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, May 30th

Room Centre-Ville
09:00 Reaching 5% by 2035: Working together to achieve a tobacco endgame in Canada

Henderson, Amy
10:30 Evidence on e-cigarette use and perception, and the implication for tobacco control: Canadian and international perspectives

Hammond, David
12:30 The implication of cannabis legalization for tobacco control

Hagen, Les
14:15 Pursuing the tobacco endgame in Ontario

Gardner, Charles
15:45 Tobacco taxes and contraband: Myths, realities and action

Doucas, Flory
Room Crescent
09:00 Understanding and interpreting indicators for chronic diseases

Buckeridge, David
13:30 Oral Presentations 16

Beach, Lauren
Chu, Maria
Gillis, Kelly-Jo
Hagan, Julie
Wray, Alexander
15:30 The International Food Policy Study: Evidence on population-level food behaviours to evaluate policy in Canada, USA, UK, Mexico and Australia

Hammond, David
Room Dièse
11:15 Vaccine Oral Presentation 1

Lee, Jason
McGirr, Ashleigh
Sporidis, Jill
13:30 Vaccine Oral Presentation 2

Ilesanmi, Marcus
Iqbal, Shehzad
Sicard, Nadine
St John, Jessie-Lee
Yunju Song, Melodie
16:15 A matter of trust? Strengthening systems to promote immunization in an era of individuals

Mah, Catherine
Room Duluth
09:00 Building on best practices: Education for frontline workers in the overdose emergency

Fish, Kate
13:30 Les avancées de la santé publique sur les jeux de hasard et d’argent : Nommer les préjudices, mesurer les impacts, prévenir et agir sur les environnements

Papineau, Elisabeth
15:30 Can bigger and better data make healthier cities?

Kestens, Yan
Room Laurier
09:00 Disruptive technologies and public health – What’s the problem?

Welsh, Frank
Room Mansfield/Sherbrooke
09:00 Achieving equity beyond rhetoric: Leaving no one behind in the region of the Americas

Patz, Dionne
13:30 Oral Presentations 15

Davey, Christina
Dutczak, Hartley
Dutrisac, Shannah
McIsaac, Jessie-Lee
Valaitis, Renata
Vine, Michelle M
15:30 Reducing Stigma through Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care: Practical Applications in Family Violence, Sexual Health and Harm Reduction

MacLean, Rachel
Room Notre-Dame/Saint-Denis
09:00 Conducting quality peer reviews of quantitative manuscripts

Potvin, Louise
13:30 Oral Presentations 17

Fish, Kate
Frosst, Gillian
Kain, Nicole
Marchand, Kirsten
Murti, Michelle
Schmidt, Rose
15:30 Learning that sticks: Team simulation training for public health professionals

Oldenburger, David
Room Sainte-Catherine
13:30 Oral Presentations 18

Alvarez, Elizabeth
Bryant, Beverley
Bryant, Beverley
Marquez, Olivia
Read, Kristin
Simpkins, Leah
15:30 Education for reconciliation: An experiential learning exercise and transforming empathy to social action

Leason, Jennifer
Room Saint-Paul
09:00 Epidemiology and Indigenous health: What’s measured matters

Moore, Stephen
13:30 Oral Presentations 19

Deger, Leylâ
Maurer, Katherine
Mccready, Geneviève
15:30 A critical discussion of the future of health promotion in Canada

Frohlich, Katherine
Room Van-Horne
09:00 Working together on a shared agenda: The NCCs and their partners discuss the roles of public health in population mental health promotion

Mantora, Pascale
13:30 Oral Presentations 14

Emery, Gabriella
Fernandez, Melissa
Gilbert, Mark
Jones, Rebecca
McCarthy, Jane
15:30 Ta Saantii – Métis Health

Vides, Eduardo
Room Viger
09:00 The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium – Setting the stage for a new era of environmental health research

Setton, Eleanor
13:30 Measurement as a tool to drive improvements in population health and heath equity at the local level

Harvey, Jean
15:30 Legalized cannabis: Challenges and opportunities for environmental health

Ma, Lydia