Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, May 29th

Room Crescent
10:45 Oral Presentations 03

Hammond, David
Hasdell, Rebecca
Mah, Catherine
Turcotte, Mylène
Vanderlee, Lana
14:00 Oral Presentations 10

Hirji, Mustafa
Hossain, Rahat
Smith, Maxwell
16:00 Conversations save lives: British Columbia First Nations in the opioid overdose emergency and a system-wide framework for action

McDonald, Shannon
Room Dièse
14:00 Knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and beliefs of healthcare provider students regarding mandatory influenza vaccination

Di Castri, Antonia
Room Duluth
10:45 Vers une économie humaniste de la prévention pour une santé durable / Towards an economy of prevention for sustainable health

Granger, Lucie
14:00 Oral Presentations 07

Bernard, Paquito
Brondeel, Ruben
Dudevich, Alexey
Farran, Rawan
Hamalainen, Anni
16:00 What's next? All you need to know about the future of public health surveillance

Marquis, Michelle
Room Mansfield/Sherbrooke
10:45 Oral Presentations 02

Blair, Alexandra
McIsaac, Jessie-Lee
Siddiqua, Ayesha
Webb, Simon
14:00 Oral Presentations 09

Poole, Nancy
Torres, Sara
16:00 Sugary drink levies: Do they have a place in healthy eating strategies in Canada?

James, Lesley
Room Notre-Dame/Saint-Denis
10:45 Oral Presentations 04

Di Ruggiero, Erica
Loutet, Miranda
Perera, Yoshith
Ringuette, Louise
Silversides, Christie
14:00 Oral Presentations 11

Christy, Kayonne
Kestens, Yan
Laberee, Karen
Mukhtar, Maria
16:00 Engaging youth with lived experience in public health policy, programs and knowledge translation

Lachance, Lisa
Room Sainte-Catherine
10:45 Oral Presentations 05

Bridgeman, Jessica
Oviedo-Joekes, Eugenia
Thomas, Rebecca
Young, Matthew
14:00 Oral Presentations 12

Lang, Justin
Lotoski, Larisa
Raffoul, Amanda
Reid, Jessica
16:00 How do we assess learning in public health education: Mapping learning objectives to assessments of learning

Steinberg, Malcolm
Room Saint-Paul
10:45 Oral Presentations 06

Derejko, Katie-Sue
Etches, Vera
Littlejohns, Lori
Munro, Alice
Runacres, Jessica
14:00 Oral Presentations 13

Mawani, Farah N.
Selvanandan, Vamini
Yanicki, Sharon
16:00 Tackling alcohol-related harm by implementing effective policies

Giesbrecht, Norman
Room Van-Horne
10:45 Oral Presentations 01

Begun, Stephanie
Campbell, Karen
Moloughney, Brent
14:00 Oral Presentations 08

Baron, Jonnie-Lyn
DeVillaer, Mike
Greaves, Lorraine
Lake, Stephanie
Young, Matthew
16:00 Rapid reviews 101

Read, Kristin
Room Viger
10:45 Our stories: Our health

Larocque, Marlene
14:00 Fostering public health ethics: Assessing needs and informing solutions that support today's and tomorrow's public health professionals

Keeling, Michael